Wednesday 9 - 5:30-7:00 pm


Choreographer:Hsiu-Ping Chang
Music:Jeremy Peyton Jones (composer)
Lighting concept:Ting-Tsung Ho 
Dancers:Yi-Chieh Lin, Tzu-Lung Liu, Chia-Ling Ho, Wei-Lun Lee, Chla-Hslen Su, I-Hang Wang, Wan-Lin Chen, Chun-Yu Lin
Affiliation:Sun-Shier Dance Theatre

Old Lady

Choreographers:Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, Adriaan Kans
Music:Alessandra Celletti (composer)
Di Sera al Mattino and Ognuno Ha Steso from the album Chi Mi Darà
Dancer:Elizabeth Cameron Dalman
Affiliation:Mirramu Dance Company
Originally created in 1987, Old Lady has been rearranged for Elizabeth Cameron Dalman's productions Bella Domna


Choreographers:Gil Kerer, Anat Cederbaum
Music:Original music composed by Johanna Bramli
Dancer:Gil Kerer

Analogue Impulse 

Choreographer:Virag Eri
Music:Prova Sonida composed by Master Margherita & Andrea Esperti 
Lights, spatial design:Manu Kaleido
Costume design:Virag Eri
Dancer:Virag Eri
Affiliation:TILT kollektiva

To stay or to make a move

Choreographer:Victor Fung
Music:Original music composed by Sabio Janiak
Dancer:Victor Fung
Acknowledgements:Created with support from Working Art Space and Production (Romania), 4Culture (Romania), Jardin d'Europe, Arts Council England, Greenwich Dance (UK) and Step Out Arts.


Choreographer:Susan Douglas Roberts
Music:Paul Hindemith Sonata for Solo Cello, Op. 25, No. 3
1. Lebhaft, sehr markiert   2. Mässig Schnell, Gemächlich   
3. Langsam   4. Lebhafte Viertel   5. Mässig Schnell
Lighting design:Hannah Ernest Requa
Dancers:Hannah Ernest Requa, Domingo Estrada Jr.
Affiliation:wild goose chase dance

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