The Listening Body – Telling Stories, Tracing Pasts, Shifting Places

Our philosophy and style is embedded in a holistic experience of dance in process and performance. The dancing body is also the creative mind, the loyal partner, the physical illustrator and the non-verbal communicator. We believe in sharing our practice in an open environment that promotes experimentation and ‘getting messy’. The Listening Body workshops focus on developing the participants’ understanding of body as communicator, looking at the physical pathways of time and the stories that bodies store. We will contemporize participants’ pasts by inviting them to contribute stories (physical or verbal) to the workshop space, which will be manipulated through various choreographic and movement tasks, informing their present process. We examine how we can use the body to tell a story, manifesting metaphor and layering meaning into movement through creative task-based improvisations. We explore the idea of the open body, employing various sensory games to enliven and bring awareness to the body and space around us. We investigate how to listen with the entire body, adopting and adapting ways to move, expanding movement vocabulary, and allowing others to affect our own physicality through the give and take of physical conversation.

MakeShift Dance Collective 
Brisbane, Australia 

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