Title of work: GRA-VI-TATE
Affiliation: Maya Dance Theatre Ltd, Singapore
Choreographer: Kavitha Krishnan
Music: DJ BC and Liberty (composers)
Costume design:

  • Kavitha Krishnan
  • Shahrin Johry


  • Shahrin Johry
  • Sheriden Newman
  • Sufri Juwahir

Other artists: Maya Dance Theatre Ltd (Singapore)
Acknowledgements: Maya Dance Theatre's (Singapore) performance of GRA-VI-TATE, as part of the WDA Global Summit, Angers France, 2014 is supported by National Arts Council, Singapore; Singapore International Foundation and Apsara Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Additional Note: GRA-VI-TATE is inspired by Liz Lea's Quicksilver, choreographed for Maya Dance Theatre. for WDA Global Summit, Angers France 2014, Quicksilver V2 takes a new direction as GRA-VI-TATE.

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