The WDA Global Summit Showcase provides a concert platform for choreographers and performers and pre-professional artists training in dance academies. The performances will take place in the theatre located in the Théâtre Le Quai in Angers, France, and will be open to registered participants of the WDA Global Summit and the general public for a small fee. Dance works presented may not exceed 10 minutes in length. The concerts will be reviewed where possible. 

  • Seating capacity: 364
  • Size: 24.50 m x 22.50 m
  • Stage size: 22.50 m x 10.00 m
  • Grid height: 6.33 m
  • Surface: regular hardwood dance floor, covered with professional dance carpet.

An international panel will consider and evaluate all submissions based on the quality of the work submitted and accompanying documentation. Proposals for the WDA Global Summit Showcase will be submitted online and should comprise the following:

  • 100-word biography of the choreographer/director (primary presenter)
  • 250-word statement that shows the genesis of the work to be presented as found in the focus of the WDA Global Summit - Contemporising the past: Envisaging the future
  • 10-minute* (maximum) online (Vimeo/YouTube) sample of recent [continuous] performance or rehearsal footage of the choreographer/director’s work. Excerpts and promotional footage will not be considered. Applicants must submit password- protected links to their sample work. 

Applicants are responsible for all licensing agreements – music and otherwise – necessary both to post the work online for consideration and to present it.  Sample work may be different from the intended showcase work but both must fall within a 10-minute (maximum) time frame.

In addition, the applicant will submit the following on the online form:

  • choreographer/director’s name
  • designation of Emerging choreographer (ten years or less in the field) or Career choreographer (over ten years in the field)
  • contact email, telephone number, institutional/company affiliation (if applicable), mailing address, names of performers/collaborators

Because of costs associated with producing these concerts in full technical facilities, a fee will be required if the application is successful. The fee is – without exception – non-refundable. All choreographers/presenters whose work is accepted for the showcase performance must register for the WDA Global Summit as individuals or as a group.

For Showcase enquiries, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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