Global Summit Themes

Contemporising the past: Envisaging the future explores the many ways in which dance engages us in a world of digital transformations, interdisciplinary and transcultural practices and pedagogies, and evolving cultural and social identities.

In this complex and rapidly changing dance environment, we can forget that knowledge of the past enriches and informs both present and future. The Global Summit will thus interrogate:

  • the lineage of influences;
  • current trends and practices, locally and internationally;
  • perspectives on a future dance ecology that is both sustainable and inter-connected.

Submissions for presentations, workshops and performances will focus on, but will not be limited to:

  • multi-platform and evolving choreographic practices in the 21st century
  • developing choreographers and dancers in diverse settings and genres
  • approaches to dance education and training
  • understandings around dance creativity and innovation
  • dance-centred concepts of the body
  • dance partnerships with cognitive and neuroscientists
  • democratisation of dance through social media
  • interactive dance – 2D and 3D mediating technologies in creating, experiencing and distributing  dance
  • the place of dance in the health, disability, youth and environment sectors
  • social activism and gender in dance
  • culturally specific dance and evolving /hybridised traditions
  • issues around heritage, adaptation and re-versioning of dance works
  • reflective practice strategies and practice-led research in choreography and performance
  • the place of the academic in documenting, critiquing and providing a community of scholarly practice   
  • foregrounding the voice of the artist in academic and social contexts  
  • dance and identity – creatively, performatively, philosophically
  • supporting platforms for dance; the role of funding bodies, service organisations, curators, producers and agents including  the business, marketing and distribution of dance
  • sites for dance – live and virtual.

Submissions for all Global Summit Conference, Showcase and Workshop presentations must address the themes and be made in accordance with the Style Guide.

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