Please observe word length and do not upload images or submission will be rejected. If you have problems submitting online, please email full details of submission in a Word document to the respective coordinator of each program.

The World Dance Alliance Global Summit offers participants the opportunity to teach and participate in various classes throughout the week. 

The International Masterclass/workshop program catersfor professional dance practitioners working in performance as well as education, community, youth and special interest areas. Classes will be provided for both professional artists with a high level of technical training and those with less dance experience. 

Masterclasses and workshops will be chosen that broadly reflect the Global Summit themes of Contemporising the past: Envisaging the future. They will encompass a variety of genres including culturally specific styles and approaches. The classes will take place in the dance studios of CNDC with the possibility that some workshops may be suited to an outdoor environment. 

Applicants should include in their online submission:  

  • 100-word biography focusing on the level of their teaching experience.
  • 250-word statement of their proposed class or workshop which includes:
    • Title (accepted proposals’ titles, description and biographies will be included in the event guide.)
    • Style – a summary of practice and teaching approaches, including how these reflect the chosen themes/issues.
    • Content – what participants can expect to experience from the master class/workshop.
    • Level of experience necessary to participate in your masterclass/workshop.
    • Technical/equipment requirements and support

Applicants whose proposals are accepted must register for the conference and festival to present their classes. Applications will be reviewed and selected by the WDA International Masterclass/workshop panel. 

For Masterclass/workshop enquiries, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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