100 Years of The Rite of Spring: choreographing Chinese modernity
A case study – Creative Space: Residency for Mid-Career Choreographers project
A Dance Journey with Visually Impaired Students
A dance-based project in response to an exhibit based on the book, Half the Sky, by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
A model for open rehearsals: Referencing the past and looking towards the future
Acts of embodiment & imagination in the practice of performance
Afro-Caribbean Dance, Critical Thinking, and Global Activism
Amrita Performing Arts: an evolution in Cambodian dance
Anahata: Unbound by time and space
Andre Levinson: A new look at pure dance criticism of the 20th century
Approaches to dance education: looking at learning in the dance studio in relation to creativity, somatics and collaborative learning
Archiving the Body, The Body as Archive: Postmodern Dance as Acts of Memory
Australian dance artists and the French connection
Avalanche: A case study in creative action as research
Beauty, Dasein and ‘Of an Apocalyptic Tone’ adapted in Le Sacre du Printemps of Marie Chouinard
Being a female dancer in 18th c. Europe: history, narrative and historiography
Being visible: Dance, disability and difference
Beyond Preservation: Embodying the Past
Bodily Presence in the New Media Performance: The case study of YiLab’s W.A.V.E.(2011)
Bringing History to Life: Pedagogical Approaches to Dance History in Higher Education
Buffet or something else? How to develop the connection between technique class and repertoire
Change and Opportunity: The influence of law modifications on Dance Talented Class in Taiwan compulsory education
Choreographic legitimacy and dance genres: experiences of female hip-hop dancers
Collaborations: Viver Brasil and the making of transnational communities
Collaborative creativity and choreographic practices
Collaborative experiences: sharing as resistance
Comparative study of two systems: Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and Functional Analysis of the Dancing Body (AFCMD)
Complicating Identity: Traditional dance practices in contemporary settings
Contemporizing an archive of dissociate states within choreographic practice
Conversations in dance: dancers in the São Paulo’s scene
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