Environmental Dance: listening to and addressing the big questions gently
Ethio-Modern Dance: Ethiopian Tradition as a Tool in Contemporary Processes
Evolving traditions and invented communities in African dance: An ethnology of African dance cultures in New York and Salt Lake City
Ewe Culture As Expressed in Ghana, West Africa: From the Village to the Stage
Falling in love with ballet: A case study of an exemplary ballet teacher of precocious students in Hong Kong
Folkloric dances, diversity and human perfecting
French contemporary dance policy: cooperation between public bodies and touring networks
From Palace to Communities: A Case Study of the Classical Court Dance Inheritance in Yogyakarta City
From theory to practice: activating the dancer-centered paradigm in the dance classroom
Guru disciple relationship - Shifting paradigms in Indian classical dance
History is not the past: Applying the tools of Hani dance to contemporary modern choreography
How can we make dance technique and artistic expression efficient and effortless?
How Graeme Murphy’s Poppy, the Life and Times of Jean Cocteau (1978) reflected the choreographer’s fascination with Cocteau and his integral connection with the Ballets Russes of Serge Diaghilev (1909-29)
Identifying Dance in UK Higher Education
Identity and the dance student: implementing somatic practices into tertiary dance education
Indian Dance in Malaysia: Choreographing Cosmopolitan Masculinity
Integrating dance into the Thematic Curriculum in Kindergartens in Taiwan
Interdisciplinary approaches to learning and teaching for contemporary dancers in conservatoire training
Interject: a choreographer’s struggles in one specific site
Into Sunlight: Resonance in Creative Expression
Katharina Van Dyk
Legacies, Reinventions, and Digital Transformations of The Rite of Spring
Liberation through bodily acts: the dance of a Tibetan lama in exile
Making, scoring, watching, reading: The foregrounding of choreographic process and its implications for dance scholarship
Mapping audience engagement tools within the choreographic studio: processes and outcome
Mapping the experiential in contemporary dance
Mental imagery training as a means to improve body image and confidence
Meta-choreography: The tacit world of the professional dancer
Mindful Motion: Engagements in the messy vitality of research
Mobilising the dance artist’s scholarly voice: age-old concerns, current research and next steps
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