Conversations on the frontlines of the body
Correlational methods for analyzing alignment and movement in dancers
Creative movement approach of teaching in engineering
Cross-cultural experience of a varnam : from apprenticeship to performance
Cuban dancers in European classics: Postcolonial authority and nationalist aesthetics in the performance of the ballet canon
Cultivating ‘beingness’ and presence in performance through the art of Isadora
Cunningham’s Events and the aesthetic of collage
Current trends in Music and Dance Education in Senior Secondary Schools in Ghana through a Multiple Case-Study Approach
Dance and health: envisioning the location for research for the future
Dance and research: a processual approach to the paradox of similarity
Dance artists in academia: developing a BA course in the Maltese context
Dance as embodied learning: Communities in motion
Dance film Stone Water : An Essay of Visual Ethnography
Dance learning in motion: global dance education
Dance lessons for senior citizens: A case study in the Happy Elderly Festival of Taiwan
Dance(ed)-knowledge: Transmission of traditional and transitional Indian dances
Dancing between the traditional and the digital
Dancing in the Archives: Creating and Using Dance Research Collections
Dancing with Doctors: A Curriculum Reform Project
Decentring dance-dramaturgy: a proposition for multiplicity in dance
Desarrollo: A new species of Mexican movement
Developing a new morphology: Explorations into Ontario Dance and Identity
Developing best practice for publishing dance scholarship: a conversation between editors and scholars
Disciplined creativity
Dublin Contemporary Dance Theatre: Danced Heritage and Reconsidering Histories
Embodied creative process in dance: challenges and possibilities
Embodying ihi within contemporary dance practices: Maori cultural performative knowledge
Embracing the neutral body: exploring the link between technique and artistry in dance pedagogy
Emerging choreographies: Developing new pedagogies in dance
Emerging Dialogues: Contemporary practice and patronage of dance in Delhi
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