A concert platform for choreographers and performers and pre-professional artists training in dance academies, comprising 28 short sunset performances over 5 nights by artists from 11 countries.

Venue: T400 - Le Quai Forum des arts vivants

Monday 7 - 5:30-7:00 pm

The Suitcase

Choreographer:  Ming-Cheng Lee
Music: Che-Yi Lee (composer)
Producer: Ping-Yi Wu
Lighting design:  Man-Hsuan Chen
Visual designer:Fang-Yu Tom Sung
Dancer: Ming-Cheng Lee
Affiliation:  Body Expression Dance Theater

How to make sense of it?

Choreographer:   Marie Chabert
External eye:  Michael Picknett
Dancer: Marie Chabert
Affiliation:  La compagnie Bodysong
Acknowledgements:  Le Centre National de la Danse de Lyon, Rhyzome Loge 22, Opéra Théâtre de Saint Etienne, Chisenhale Dance Space

Prayers with Incense

Choreographer:  Chiin-Ling Hsiao
Music: Frank Steiner Jr-I Ging Symphony
Costume design: Yu-Fen Tsai
Artistic director: Li-Hua Tsai, Taipei Folk Dance Theatre
Dancers: Hsiao-Feng Chang, Sheng-Wen Huang, Kuan-Yu Chu, Hsiao-Chien Chen, Ying-Chen Su, Fang-Jung Chang, Chia-Chen Ku
Affiliation: Taipei Folk Dance Theatre

My Mother and I

Choreographer:  Chankethya Chey 
Sound designer:Chankethya Chey
Dancer: Chankethya Chey
Affiliation: Amrita Performing Arts

Twelve Ascensions

Choreographer:  Daniel Riley
Music: Black History Month - Saul Williams 
Optimistic Voices - MGM Studio Orchestra; 
Hammer - Cliff Martinez; 
Sarajevo - Max Richter, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra & Rumon Gambq
Lighting design: Ben Hughes
Costume design: Rosa Hirakata
Technical production: Margaret Burrows (SM), Simon Hardy (LX )
Dancers: Charles Ball, Lisa Barry, En Rui  Foo,Natalie Kolbaric, Samuel Macon, Tzu-Yu Pan, Bonnie Ross, Leane Ungerer, Chiu-Ju Wang
Affiliation:QUT Dance
QUT Dance Staff: Sue Caulfield-Leclercq, Production Coordinator
Gene Moyle, Rehearsal Director (Head of Dance, QUT)

Tuesday 8 - 5:30-7:00 pm


Choreographer: Dam Van Huynh
Music: Martyna Poznańska (composer)
Dancer: Ieva Navickaite
Affiliation: Van Huynh Company

Choreographer:Collette Stewart
Music and sound design:Timothy Russell
Text:Collette Stewart
Dancer:Collette Stewart
Affiliation:Movement Insights
Acknowledgements:Funding for this performance was provided in part by the Virginia Horne Henry Fund for Women’s Physical Education


Choreographer:Kavitha Krishnan
Music:DJ BC and Liberty (composers)
Costume design:Kavitha Krishnan, Shahrin Johry
Dancers:Shahrin Johry, Sufri Juwahir, Sheriden Newman
Affiliation:Maya Dance Theatre Ltd, Singapore
Acknowledgements:Supported by National Arts Council, Singapore; Singapore International Foundation and Apsara Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore)
GRA-VI-TATE is inspired by Liz Lea's Quicksilver


Choreographer:Shiu-Chin Yu
Music:Annie GosfieldManufacture of Tangled Ivory (Part II)
Costume design:Yu-Ling Lee
Video design:Wei-Wei Wu
Lighting concept:Wei-Wei Wu
Dancers:Sheng-Ping Chuan, Hsin Chiang, Hsin-I Wu,Chiao Ning Liang, Ya Chieh Hu, Tsan-Kai Wang, Zhen Zu Wang,Yen Ting Wu, Ju Dong Huang 
Affiliation:Somatic Theater Company / Department of Performing Arts, Shu-Te University
Acknowledgements:Special thanks to our sponsors from the National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan), the Bureau of Cultural Affairs (Kaohsiung City Government, Taiwan), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C., Taiwan), and Shu-Te University Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

..till the end..

Choreographer:  Kim McCarthy
Music: Uniko- Composers; Samuli Kosminen, 
Artists-Pohjonen, & Kronos Quartet:
II.Plasma, III.Sarma, V.Kamala 
Costume design:Olivia Faraone
Dancers: Gabriella Campisi, Scott Elstermann, Jessica EvansTyler Finn, Kealy Fouracre, Olivia Hayworth, Cassandra Kift, Emily King, Danika Sayce, Breanna Skewes, Alexander Perrozzi, Kendal Davis

Affiliation: Nanette Hassal AM, Head of Dance, WAAPA Dance Department at Edith Cowan University

Wednesday 9 - 5:30-7:00 pm


Choreographer:Hsiu-Ping Chang
Music:Jeremy Peyton Jones (composer)
Lighting concept:Ting-Tsung Ho 
Dancers:Yi-Chieh Lin, Tzu-Lung Liu, Chia-Ling Ho, Wei-Lun Lee, Chla-Hslen Su, I-Hang Wang, Wan-Lin Chen, Chun-Yu Lin
Affiliation:Sun-Shier Dance Theatre

Old Lady

Choreographers:Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, Adriaan Kans
Music:Alessandra Celletti (composer)
Di Sera al Mattino and Ognuno Ha Steso from the album Chi Mi Darà
Dancer:Elizabeth Cameron Dalman
Affiliation:Mirramu Dance Company
Originally created in 1987, Old Lady has been rearranged for Elizabeth Cameron Dalman's productions Bella Domna


Choreographers:Gil Kerer, Anat Cederbaum
Music:Original music composed by Johanna Bramli
Dancer:Gil Kerer

Analogue Impulse 

Choreographer:Virag Eri
Music:Prova Sonida composed by Master Margherita & Andrea Esperti 
Lights, spatial design:Manu Kaleido
Costume design:Virag Eri
Dancer:Virag Eri
Affiliation:TILT kollektiva

To stay or to make a move

Choreographer:Victor Fung
Music:Original music composed by Sabio Janiak
Dancer:Victor Fung
Acknowledgements:Created with support from Working Art Space and Production (Romania), 4Culture (Romania), Jardin d'Europe, Arts Council England, Greenwich Dance (UK) and Step Out Arts.


Choreographer:Susan Douglas Roberts
Music:Paul Hindemith Sonata for Solo Cello, Op. 25, No. 3
1. Lebhaft, sehr markiert   2. Mässig Schnell, Gemächlich   
3. Langsam   4. Lebhafte Viertel   5. Mässig Schnell
Lighting design:Hannah Ernest Requa
Dancers:Hannah Ernest Requa, Domingo Estrada Jr.
Affiliation:wild goose chase dance

Thursday 10 - 5:30-7:00 pm


Choreographer:Ya-Ting Chang
Music:Hero O.S.T-In the Chess Court, Ondekoza Album-Oodaiko
Costume design:Yue-li Cheng
Dancers:Chia-yin Lin, Chung-han Lee, Hsiao-hsuan Huang, Li-en HsuPei-chi Shao, Pen-chun Liu, Wen-ching Liu, Wen-fang LaiWen-yu Pan, Yi-jen Lin, Yung-chi Lu 
Affiliation:Tso's Dance Association


Choreographer:DoDo Lau
Music:Opening (from Glasswork), Philip Glass: Metamorphosis & Other Works, played by Foraleda Sacchi.
The Messenger, Lisa Gerrard
The Black Opal, Lisa Gerrard
Lighting design:Leung Wai Han
Costume design:Vicky Ng
Dancers:DoDo Lau, Yang Hao, Chan Chun Wai Ivan, Lin Yu Chien Tatrick


Choreographer:Nerida Godfrey
Dancers:Nerida Godfrey, Katherine Doube

Physical Manifestations of Assent

Choreographer:Chris Johnson
Music:...og kebgra and Lokaðu Augunum by Ólafur Arnalds
Dancers:Sarah Ellen Miller, Santiago Quintana
Affiliation:Chris Johnson Chelonia Dance and Beloit College

Eine Insel aus Träumen Geboren--The Islands of Aloha

Choreographer:Jazmyne Koch
Music:Song “Hawaii” by the Kilima Hawaiians
Spoken word poem by Jazmyne Koch with reference to "Please Resist Me" by Luka Lesson, Recorded broadcasting from KNUI AM 900 (1993) Paul Harvey "The Rest of the Story--The Overthrow of Hawaii, Song “Ballad of the Broken Word” by Keali'i Reichel.
Costume design:Jazmyne Koch
Film/media contributions:Scott Starr ( "Hawaii Sang Me to Sleep" (1939) Hawaiian Nights; Hakioa Productions (Kauai, Hawaii) " Paul Harvey" photographic presentation; StudioJaz "Ballad of the Broken Word" dance video
Dancer:Jazmyne Koch

A Wonder Place

Choreographer:Chen-Wei Hsu
Music:Erik Satie(2009) - Artists:Katia Labèque & Marielle Labèque
Tracks:3 Gymnopédies: Première Gymnopédie, 3 Gymnopédies: Deuxième Gymnopédie, 3 Gnossiennes: Gnossienne No. 1
Dancers:Chan Chi Cheng, Yu Wan Lu

Friday 11 - 5:30-7:00 pm

Murmurs of Innocence

Choreographers:Alexandra Knox, Cy Gorman
Sound design/music:Cy Gorman
Dancer:Alexandra Knox

Body Platform: Cabinet Anthropomorphique (excerpt)

Choreographer: Ting-Ting Chang
Music: Shih-Yang Lee (pianist)
Sound design: Chung-Ying Huang
Lighting and Technical Director: Ting-Chung Chang
Light designer: I-Hua Kao
Costume design: Hugo Wang
Dancers: Tung Hsu, Yun Yeh
Affiliation: T.T.C.Dance (Taipei)

Chhaya Jhatak

Choreographers:Guru Surendranath Jena
Music:Guru Surendranath Jena (composer)
Guru/dance teacher:Guru Pratibha Jena Singh
Dancer:Aastha Gandhi
Affiliation:Nrityashilp: Guru Surendranath Jena Odissi Dance Foundation

Zero Degree

Choreographer:Yang Hao
Music:Music from album: Hei
Musician: Kim Hiorthøy
Lighting design:Leung Wai Han
Costume design:Vicky Ng
Dancers:Chan Chun Wai Ivan, Lee Long Hin, Wu Cheng Fang, Shum Chi Yee Henry
Affiliation:Ivy Chung Ballet School

Bigger, Faster, Better

Choreographers:Annie Kloppenberg, Kendra Portier
Music:“Be Quiet, Mr. Heart Attack” Liars
“(W)as Light as a Feather” Vicki Brown
“Beast in Peace” Bear in Heaven.
Dancers:Annie Kloppenberg, Rachel Boggia

Pangu Dance

Choreographer:Li Chun Pan
Music:Yun-Song Zhu
Costume design:Dou Dou Zhong
Dancers:Yung-Hua Liang, Wei-Ting Huang, Po-Hung Lin, Wan-Lin Liao, Szu-Ting Chen, Ci-Yi Jian
Affiliation:National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport

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